At LVK Music we take a different approach.

All of our teachers are full-time or permanent part-time employees. This keeps staff turnover low, meaning you get to build a relationship with your teacher and improve your learning.

It also means that your teacher has many hours to hone their own musical skills, and improve their offering to you.

In addition, we run lessons in both open-plan learning and private rooms – so all of our students and teachers can constantly observe and learn from each other.

All of this gives you an incredible knowledge pool to draw from.

So go ahead and book yourself an introductory lesson – we’re sure you’ll love it.

LVK team


“100% recommend these guys. Really friendly with great teaching methods. If they can teach me to bash out a tune then they’re good. Nice relaxed environment, I look forward to my weekly lesson.”

Ian Elliot
Current student at LVK Music


Music is a huge part of people’s lives. Attending a live show. Holding an instrument. Singing in front of a crowd. All of these are special experiences that we want to share with as many people as possible. We want to share it with you.


Our main focus is to make music fun and get you playing straight away. But if you want to knuckle down, sit exams, and aim for a musical university, our highly qualified teachers will guide you.


We’ll help you learn key skills through playing your favourite songs. You’re more likely to keep going if you enjoy it.


So many music schools are just for kids - we cater to adults by providing daytime and evening lessons, so you can avoid the after-school rush.


Not just academics here! We play to entertain as well as teach. So we can help you learn popular songs, share tips to calm your nerves and teach you how to connect with your audience.


Lauren Marriott

(Co-founder and manager)

Growing up, Lauren always had a passion for music. She is not a teacher, however, is an integral part of our school! Running the front desk and behind the scenes, Lauren is always available to answer your questions.

Daisy Levick

(Professional cutie and singer of Twinkle Twinkle)

Simon and Lauren's daughter. She won’t be teaching you any Bach however she will leave your heart full!

Emily Hallam

(Customer Service)

Emily is a long term singing student and works here on front desk! When she isn't at LVK, she is doing swim training.

Blake Pick

(Customer Service)

Blake has been a student with us right from the start when we were running out of our shed! He plays piano and guitar however when he's working, he's our customer service legend.

Simon Levick

(Co-founder of LVK / Guitar, Vocals, Piano and Ukulele)

Simon Levick is a local artist with a passion for all things music.

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Darragh Kinsella

(Guitar, Vocals, Piano and Ukulele)

Darragh has been playing music for more than a decade.

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Sam Nichols

(Guitar, Piano, Vocals and Ukulele)

Sam found his love for music when he started learning guitar as a young kid.

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Avril Cabaleiro

(Vocals, Guitar, Piano and Ukulele)

Avril comes from a musical family so music has been a part of her upbringing.

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Holly Isaacson


Holly is our in house songbird. Along with her beautiful voice, she brings high energy and a whole lot of vibe to the team.

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Jonah Martin

(Guitar, Piano and Ukulele)

Our first ever student turned teacher! Jonah started his journey in music learning guitar then moved to piano and is now teaching our students.

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You’ll be jamming in no time with acoustic or electric guitar lessons.

Guitar Lessons


From Coldplay to Beethoven, you can learn your favourite songs with our qualified teacher.

Piano Lessons


Learn to master that island strum with lessons from a fellow Ukulele lover.

Ukelele Lessons


Learn how to sing your favourite songs with confidence and accuracy, or even master your scales and theory.

Singing Lessons

1.  Book your

Schedule your first lesson and
learn how it all works.

2.  Choose your
weekly timeslot

Learn how to play your
favourite song with proven

3.  Have fun
playing music

Enjoy playing for yourself
and play with confidence for
your family and friends.


Are you open during school holidays?

Yes, we have students of all ages so lessons run all year! We understand that some families go away during school holidays, that’s no problem, just let us know.

Am I too old to learn an instrument?

We are a firm believer that you are NEVER too old to learn an instrument. Our students range from 2 years old through to 80. You may be surprised to learn that half of our student base are adults!

Can I learn fortnightly?

Fortnightly lessons can sometimes be accommodated during daytime hours, but generally not during peak hours (after 3pm). Ask us if we can make it work for you.

Do I have to pay for a whole school term?

No – our lessons operate all year and are not tied to school terms. Our students prepay lessons in blocks of 5, 10, or 40. Or you can just pay as you go.

Are all lessons one-on-one?

Our weekly lessons are one-on-one, however, we have group masterclasses occasionally which you can get involved with.

Can I get a qualification?

Yes. Our expert teachers can guide you through the preparation and book you in for your exams. Exams are conducted by the Australian Music Examinations Board.

I work full-time, do you do after-hours lessons?

Yes. We are open until 8:30pm Monday to Thursday, and 7pm on Fridays.

What if I want to learn multiple instruments?

No problem! We love teaching students across all instruments. It gives people a great understanding of music. You can choose to do more than one lesson a week or we can chop and change instruments each week, up to you.

Why are wedding prices different from our event pricing?

Weddings are much more labour intensive than regular gigs. Days or weeks of preparation, rehearsing new songs, and liaising with the client. On the day itself, your artist will need to be well rested, well dressed, and must arrive VERY early to make sure there are no troubles on your special day. We keep our wedding rates as affordable as possible!

Got more questions? Contact us or book for your first lesson.